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Stay ready and mentalLy prepared for any task

Individuals, professionals, and law enforcement alike should always be ready to protect themselves and those they love. There's no telling when an assailant could interrupt your day, and it's impossible to protect yourself if you don't know how and you do not have the right mindset. To that end, Paladin Tactics & Consulting offers Winning Before the Fight so you are both physically capable of defending what is important to you, as well as knowledgeable on how to physically prepare. This course will serve you and your family by teaching you ways to stay fit, stay connected and stay prepared.

Winning Before the Fight

Winning Before the Fight is a course designed for law enforcement and civilians alike. This program focuses on keeping you prepared to do what is necessary to defend what matters—whether it's for your profession or simply to stay prepared. We cover healthy eating, working out, and training to ensure that you're ready for any situation. This is also an excellent way to bring you and your family or friends together while training for constant vigilance.